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"Lillycover's personalized cosmetics brand is BALANX."

Skin Data-Obsessed Research Institute BALANX

The path to finding solutions for skin concerns. Researching the unique essence of each individual's skin, under the name of a sustainable, singular skincare solution.


A new approach to cosmetics: personalized cosmetics, BALANX.
The condition of our skin may change daily, but its methods of expression are limited. That's why we ponder and research to help you understand your skin.

Lilycover endeavors to be your partner in skincare, providing support. Experience more positive changes in your skin with Lilycover.
(1) Global networks
Providing data-driven innovative services through global collaborations with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, and Korea Kolmar.
(2) 15,000 sets
Production and sale of 15,000 bottles of customized lotion/essence. Average repurchase rate: 48%.
(3) Satisfaction rate of over 97%.
Positive feedback and satisfaction rate averaging 97% through personalized recipe matching and daily skin tracking.
(4) Domestic and international store expansion plans.
Plans to develop 5 overseas stores in locations such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Dubai, as well as 3 domestic department stores and 10 clinics by the second half of 2023.
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