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We find the right answer for customized cosmetics through accurate diagnosis using big data algorithms.

Your skin condition is
our 1st ingredient.

Everyone's skin is different, and mass-produced cosmetics at once pose a constant question mark about how much we can understand our skin.

​Starting from that thought, I thought and achieved and created something I had never thought of.

Introduction to Lillycover

I want to give people solutions to their skin problems.

Seonhee Ahn, CEO of Lily Cover Co., Ltd., dreamed of becoming a journalist for a media company. Meet people, find problems and find solutions
This is because I was attracted to the media that could present something. But his dream of presenting a solution to the public took a slightly different direction. Providing customized solutions through accurate skin diagnosis to consumers who are familiar with industrial cosmetics. It was a new path chosen by CEO Ahn.

His new dream came from the burn treatment patients he met from 2006 to 2016.

These were patients I met while conducting medical device research and development at a local university hospital.

CEO Ahn said, "Patients were gradually losing confidence due to the scars and skin caused by burns," and added, "Internal problems such as lack of confidence caused by unhealthy skin ultimately affected the patient's condition.
“I decided it was making it worse,” he said. In order to solve the problem, the cause had to be found.

Over the past 10 years, we have identified an industry ecosystem that lacks accurate measurements of individual skin.

He said, “The cause of the problem was the industry’s practice of viewing individuals as a group rather than as an individual.”
“As a result, while consumers lack an accurate understanding of their skin, cosmetic companies
“We were using mass-produced products,” he said. That’s how Lily Cover, customized management through thorough analysis of individuals, was born.

Representative Ahn’s potential has already been proven in Seoul. Investors can meet more people and easily
He proposed relocating the headquarters to Seoul, where investors could be found. However, CEO Ahn grew up in Daegu and
I wanted to. Daegu City, Daegu TP, Digital Industry Promotion Agency, etc., who gave Lillycover the strength to endure until now.
This is because I wanted to repay the help I received from the local community.

CEO Ahn's efforts to give back to the local community are reflected in Lillycover's investment from Samsung and Silicon Valley in the United States.
made it possible to receive it. Recently, it has been recognized for its potential in the international market and has become a representative of Daegu.
It is rapidly emerging as a startup company. CEO Sunhee Ahn said, “Even if you start in Daegu, you can become a global company.”
I am confident that it can be done. “Through consistent research and development, we will grow into a leading company in the world beyond the region,” he said.

Lillycover CEO & Founder Seonhee Ahn



Beauty Partner who makes me the most authentic me

A partner for beautifying me to 'the most me' myself
The etymology of the word beauty means 'beauty'.

Also, in beauty, ‘Areum’ means ‘I’.
So the expression ‘beautiful’ is also the expression ‘being like me’.

​We, Lily Cover, are a beauty partner that makes customers feel like they are, including their real skin, hair, and scent.


Women in IT 디지털혁신 대상 여성가족부 장관상 수상
(재)베스티안재단 맞춤형 화장품 후원
한림화상재단 ‘2024 서울 안전한마당’ 행사 맞춤형 화장품 후원
더현대 대구 팝업스토어 진행

A place with great products and people, Lillycover

We are people who believe that skin is not just a way to reveal beauty, but the foundation of confidence.

Lily covers are mass-produced in tens of thousands and piled up in warehouses. They are not delivered upon order.
We understand each individual's skin through its differences and work together to create healthy skin on our own.

All members are constantly making changes to provide the innovative best in customized products.
We take pride in selecting the highest quality raw materials and providing reliable products through a customized formulation process.

We never stop challenging ourselves to be the first and best for our customers.

In the future, we will accumulate analysis data through the participation of each customer,
We will provide highly satisfying services by analyzing changes in natural skin condition through data.

Every customer has the right to protect their inner beauty and skin.
To protect this, we will create innovations that have never existed before in the industry.

Organization chart

This is Lillycover’s internal organization chart.

People Team
Human Resources/Labor/Accounting
Government support task
​Business Planning/Management​
International sales dept.

Domestic/overseas sales

Domestic/overseas sales support

Business planning/strategy

​Non-R&D support projects

Brand Development Team

Raw material development

product development

B2C online branding

Research Center

S/W development and control

Diagnostic device solution development

Development of pharmacy automation equipment solution

​UX/UI research planning

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