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Muilli is the skin and scalp diagnosis device used for personalized cosmetics diagnosis in BALANX.

The skin expert in your hand, Muilli2

ENIMA is a skin diagnostic device for self skincare, providing personalized solutions from diagnosis to tailored treatments. With skin data collected from various genders, ages, and ethnicities, its algorithmic diagnostic method boasts an accuracy of 98.3%. This smart diagnostic approach has been validated by experts and continuously improved through ongoing research and development efforts.

Professionally diagnose your skin condition and choose the appropriate skincare regimen tailored to your skin.

Capturing with a 60x magnification system enables precise data analysis.
Wrinkle recognition rate: 96.3%
Pore recognition rate: 98.3%"

Skin diagnostic items: Redness, Sensitivity, Moisture, Wrinkles, Pores, Tone
​Scalp diagnostic items: Redness, Moisture, Keratin, Forehead Width, Hair Thickness, Hair Follicles per Pore, Pore Density

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